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Please prepare a Power Point Presentation on your Topic

The Presentation Should be 8~10 slides long,
Including title slide and source slide

The Presentation must be mailed to the
Biology Honors Conference on FirstClass or
Mrs. Nuño at


During the following presentations please write down 3~5 "facts" or bits of information that you find interesting or informative. You will be asked to use them in a summary at the end of the symposium


Summary Question:

Discuss issues associated with the spread and control of serious virus diseases. Would you  consider viral diseases a major health threat for the 21st century? Why or why not. Support your response with specific information gathered from the symposium.

Group 1:            The Nineteenth Century Medical Revolution

Group 2:            Plagues and Peoples: the Columbian Exchange

Group 3:            Factors in the Emergence of Infectious Diseases

Group 4:            Ebola & Lassa Fever

Group 5:            Rift Valley Fever & Marburg Virus

Group 6:            Hanta Virus & other Rodent-Borne Viruses

Group 7:            Dengue Fever

Group 8:            Hemorrhagic Fevers in Africa

Group 9:            Management of Patients

Group 10:            Viral Diseases in Animals

Group 11:            Emerging and Re-emerging Viruses

Group 12:            Antibiotic Resistance

Group 13:            Viral Epidemics and Memory

Group 14:            Malaria:  Counting Chromosomes and Beans

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