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Chapter 4, 5, 9, 10 Objectives

  • to enunciate the cell theory
  • to describe the historical development of the cell theory
  • to differentiate among prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells
  • to differentiate among plant and animal cells
  • to describe the structure and function of cell organelles
  • to identify cell structures on photomicrographs
  • to draw simple prokaryotic, eukaryotic, plant, and animal cell diagrams
  • to describe the structure and function of cell membranes
  • to discuss the fluic mosaic model of cell membrane function
  • to describe factors affecting how substances cross cell membranes
  • to describe and diagram cell and nuclear division processes (mitosis and meiosis)
  • to identify stages of mitosis and meiosis on diagrams and photomicrographs
  • to describe the cell cycle

Chapter 4, 5, 9, 10 Questions

  • all review and self-quiz questions
  • select ONE of the Critical Thinking questions to answer

Chapter 4, 5, 9, 10 Terms:

amoeboid motion mitochondria receptor protein telophase
cell nuclear envelope recognition protein allele
cell theory nucleolus sodium-potassium pump asexual reproduction
cell wall nucleus tonicity crossing over
central vacuole organelle transport protein diploid
centriole plasma membrane anaphase egg
chloroplast prokaryotic cell cell cycle fertilization
chromatin pseudopod cell plate formation gamete
chromoplast ribosome centriole gene
chromosome surface-to-volume ratio centromere haploid
cilium wavelength chromosome number homologous chromosome
contraction active transport cleavage
cytomembrane system concentration gradient dipolid cell sperm
cytoplasm diffusion germ cell  
cytoplasmic streaming electric gradient interphase spore
cytoskeleton endocytosis meiosis  
ER (endoplasmic reticulum) exocytosis metaphase  
eukaryotic cell fluid mosaic model mitosis  
flagellum lipid bilayer prophase  
Golgi body osmosis reproduction  
lysosome passive transport sister chromatid  
microfilament phospholipid somatic cell  
micrograph pressure gradient spindle apparatus  


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