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Anatomy Halloween Body Parts Luncheon

Wednesday, October 25, 2000

Pictures of the Body Parts:

Picture of the Anatomy Class

  • Students will prepare food that represents a body part (external or internal organs, parts of organs, organ systems, etc)
    • Example: jello fingers arranged as a human hand, hardboiled eggs decorated to represent eyes......
  • Food must be presented on a dish or a try or a bowl or other serving dish in an attractive arrangement
  • Food does not have to be prepared "from scratch, " but any packaged food must be arranged appropriately BEFORE CLASS STARTS

Each dish must have

  • a descriptive sign that indicates what body part/s it represents.
  • The sign must also include your name

Each dish must be accompanied by

  • a type-written recipe
  • a nutritional analysis
  • a description/explanation of what each ingredient represents and why those ingredients were chosen


  • 50 points for the dish: points will be awarded for attractiveness and appropriateness of display, creativity, and attention to detail.
    • Example: using past to represent intestines is a good idea, but the pasta must be arranged on the dish so that it LOOKS LIKE INTESTINES!!!!!
  • 20 points for recipe
  • 15 points for nutritional analysis
  • 15 points for description and explanation of ingredients

Drinks will be provided, so do not bring Brain Juice, or Lymphatic Fluid, or Blood....Mrs Nuño gets to do that!

Paper plates, napkins, knives, forks, spoons, etc. will also be provided by Mrs. Nuño

The science department has a refrigerator that may be used to store food and a microwave that may be used to heat food prior to the luncheon

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